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Your dedicated partner in world wide mining activities! 
By using GINAF equipment you’re best positioned to reduce your transportation cost in a safe and productive manner. High payloads, combined with compact fuel saving drivelines, easy maintenance access and smart operator assistance all contribute to the best operational performance.

Full equipment overview

GINAF Mining Productivity


Establishing and maintaining continuous high production rates is critical to your operation. GINAF’s philosophy is based on high-speed movement of the highest payloads in safe conditions. In combination with an outstanding availability rate, excellent productivity figures are guaranteed.

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GINAF Mining Efficiency


To be really cost efficient is not simply a phrase in GINAF, it’s a mentality embedded into a product. GINAF products are based on state-of-the-art automotive technologies and lead to an optimization of product performance and lower operational cost.

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Safe, Safer, Safest... GINAF’s HD- Series belongs in the highest league of safe mining equipment. Combining on-road technologies together with additional off-road safety features, GINAF sets a standard in contributing to maintaining highest safety performance.

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Caring for the current and future generations is a key value for GINAF and it’s stakeholders. The HD-Series products provide sustainability and low environmental footprint, next to their outstanding operating performance.

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